Do you think the reason that the Jedi Council didn’t want to elect Qui Gon Jinn to the council is not so much his ‘unwillingness to obey orders’ but rather the fact that he spams force persuasion like a bitch?

I mean seriously. Any opportunity he is waving his hand around like the Queen on parade.

QGJ is not a bitch! I mean sure he doesn’t follow orders but seriously! He had his own code!

Figure of speech. He had his own code but he was pretty trigger happy with force persuasion. Which is pretty much the darkest force power.


Star Wars did many thing right and many things wrong, but one thing they never screwed up was the soundtrack. 

Except maybe 2. 

Remember that one time Yoda basically predicted Anakin’s betrayal of the Jedi and destruction of the Galactic Republic and no one would listen to him so they trained their killer. 

Star Wars did many thing right and many things wrong, but one thing they never screwed up was the soundtrack. 

I think Phantom Menance has the biggest psychological dissonance for me. I mean, I grew up with this. I watched it about 10 times while it was still in cinemas and god knows how many times since then.

But….wow it’s bad. Like when I watch it with a remotely critic hat I mean…wow. There are so many problems.

And then the light saber battle with Darth Maul happens and the theme boots up and all that shit is gone because this is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen oh my god.


I might be drunk.

I did fall over twice on the way to the bathroom so…

Where did that whole bottle of wine go? I’m still thirsty. 

Star wars has truly the greatest names ever:

  • Feemor
  • Xanatos
  • Dooku
  • Rahm Kota
  • Kit Fisto (oh my god why)
  • Oppo Rancisis

(Source: lizzorasaurus)




Goes to wookiepedia:

  • Oh my god why would Leia and Han name their child after Anakin. I mean really, I could understand Luke doing it but Leia didn’t see shit of good Anakin.
  • Holy shit. Even though I knew how ridiculously convoluted the star wars extended canon is this is still ridiculous.
  • Sadly Anakin’s friend didn’t become Greebo but is called Wald and did take over from Watto when he retired and was played by Warwick Davis so that’s fun at least

I wonder if any of these entries are less than 3 pages long?

Oh my god! One of Qui Gon’s great achievements was using the force mind tricks on a Hutt guard. I’m just laughing so much at the idea that someone hired a Hutt as a guard.


These guys:


AHAHAHA Qui Gon just said they could not use their powers to help convince the Gungans to help the…nabooians (nabooites? the fuck are they called). Why? Seriously? You had no problem doing it to help your own ass before? What’s changed?


So… What was Palpatines actual plan in 1

No. Really. 

I mean, he managed to become Chancellor by the end of the film but bullshit he predicted that sequence of events.

I mean:

  • Convince the trade federation to put a stranglehold on Naboo,
  • When the Senate tries to intervene, order the Trade Federation to kill the Jedis
  • Predict that this would fail (okay that part was easy)
  • Convince the TF to illegally invade Naboo
  • Assume the Jedi will manage to meet up with the queen and escape (like what if they sent n00bs)
  • Assume the queen will somehow manage  to make it back to Coruscant alive.
  • Convince the Queen to vote against the current Chancellor
  • Manage to win the Senate’s support (this part probably easy)

But yeah. Was that the plan?

Oh, he also had to predict his own Apprentices failure multiple times.